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The Power Behind a Dynamic Wardrobe: Sonia Beeksma's Stylish Transition to Morning Television

The Power Behind a Dynamic Wardrobe: Sonia Beeksma's Stylish Transition to Morning Television

Sonia Beeksma is an award-winning broadcaster who understands the power behind a dynamic wardrobe. She has worked her way up in media to morning television - and looked great while doing it. Sonia is currently a traffic anchor and segment reporter for CTV Morning Live in Vancouver. She uses fashion as a tool in her career arsenal; wielding sophisticated black jumpers and silk kimonos as she glides through morning television.

Sonia Beeksma Wardrobe Apparel

Sonia Beeksma wearing Imogen Belfield jewelry and an E.Tautz blouse 

Wardrobe Apparel has had the privilege of styling Sonia occasionally throughout her career. As a media presence, Sonia knows how to use fashion to communicate professionalism and strength. Her wardrobe is energetic and compelling, whether she’s in front of the camera or on a beach with her daughter. Sonia has an appreciation for expressing herself through her clothing - something that Wardrobe Apparel understands well.

Sonia tells us about her first experience with Wardrobe Apparel and CEO Alexandra Thompson.

“I met Alex at an event and was instantly drawn to her personality, charm and of course, her outfit! When she told me she owned a clothing boutique I knew I had to go. Soon enough, Wardrobe Apparel was sponsoring all of my emceeing events and it was where I was purchasing unique and stunning designer duds.”

Recently, Sonia wore a Greta Constantine gown from Wardrobe Apparel for an emcee event. The gown was “unique and stunning” and epitomized Sonia’s personal style of pushing the lines between art and fashion. The bright red fabric lent an air of lively elegance, and the beautifully pronounced sleeves spoke to a modern extravagance.

Sonia Beeksma Greta Constantine Wardrobe Apparel

Sonia Beeksma wearing a Greta Constantine gown 

Greta Constantine is based out of Toronto, Ontario. The brand has a cult following since their 2006 inception and it's easy to see why. The clothing is luxurious, artistic, and sophisticated. 

Sonia has a close relationship with fashion. Her clothes are an extension of her personality, classically timeless yet unapologetically modern. Sonia uses fashion not only for her outward appearance but also because it provides her with an intrinsic happiness. She uses fashion to help lift her up on bad days, expressing herself through her clothing as a therapeutic venture.

“Fashion influences me every single day and has become a huge part of my brand. I enjoy looking polished and sometimes pushing the limits but of course always staying professional. As for my personal life, I pretty much dress the same without the heels!”

Sonia began her career in radio but was quickly picked up by Global Television. She became their weekend weather specialist and feature story reporter, earning herself a Broadcaster of Tomorrow Award from the BC Association of Broadcasters. Recently, Sonia has made the transition from Global to CTV.

“Global BC and the people there have a  special place in my heart. It’s where I started my TV career and where I advanced in my craft. It’s also where I became an award-winning broadcaster. But, I’m an ambitious person and I had simply reached my potential at Global and was looking for the next challenge and opportunity and CTV Vancouver had just that. It’s where I’ve always envisioned myself working, especially on the morning show and that’s exactly what I’m doing now!”

Congratulations, Sonia! We look forward to styling your next Wardrobe Apparel outfit, especially if it's another Greta Constantine work of art. 

Sonia Beeksma Wardrobe Apparel Greta Constantine

Sonia Beeksma wearing a Greta Constantine dress and Chelsea Paris heels

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