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Wardrobe Apparel's Origin Story, Alex Thompson Tells Us How She Found Inspiration in the Himalayas

Wardrobe Apparel's Origin Story, Alex Thompson Tells Us How She Found Inspiration in the Himalayas

Creating a store that is solely highly curated fashion takes drive, resolve, and a love for unique pieces that begins well beyond the store itself. Alex, Wardrobe Apparel’s talented CEO, is often asked “how did you start your company? Where did all of this begin?” The story, not unlike the company itself, is elegant yet whimsical.

Following a life changing trip to Nepal, Alex realized that the items in her closet she coveted were all from abroad. Hiking a mountain in the Himalaya’s, Alex’s “aha!” moment was nothing short of cinematic. She had just finished her MBA and was trekking through the panoramic hillsides, thinking about her wardrobe, the future, and the freedom to express yourself through fashion.

She reflected on how difficult it was to find pieces in Canada that mirrored the tailoring and uniqueness of the clothing she loved. Understanding that no one wants to look like everyone else but in Canada are without the means to access classic European styles, she decided to do something about it. Alex wanted to allow women the opportunity to express themselves in a clear and concise way.

Wardrobe Apparel started to take form on a London rooftop one clear, warm night. Alex’s vision of creating a store where women could come and truly explore their personal style began to take shape during a dynamic conversation with longtime friend and now creative director, Brian Macinnes. She believed in changing the fashion landscape of the place she called home. Vancouver is an athletic city where women tend to wear athletic gear, Alex’s store is about “the times where we have to leave that behind.” She’s giving women the ability to assert themselves and their own unique styles and personalities through their clothing.

At the end of their rooftop conversation, Brian simply stated “I’m in” and the rest is history. The like-minded pair work together on curating Wardrobe Apparel’s collection and vogue aesthetic.

Just like the classic Coco Chanel perfume Alex wears, her style is timeless. Her personal wardrobe is sophisticated yet accessible, translating through to the pieces she curates. Her store has an elegance which can only be described as niche luxury.

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