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Wardrobe Apparel

Launched at London Fashion Week and based in Vancouver, Canada, Wardrobe Apparel is the online destination to shop for life’s big moments. From personal to professional, for a date with friends or at your most formal, our white-glove service ensures every client experiences the world with a confidence that is uniquely your own.

We believe that beautiful garments are about more than a look; they represent the history of fashion production at their most complex, and one of empowerment at their most essential. We are the destination for women seeking a premium collection of unique event wear. The pieces in our collections are hand selected by our team of editors who have a keen and discerning eye for expertly designed and beautifully crafted garments.

We work directly with designers to select pieces that are often exclusive to Wardrobe Apparel. Our editors work directly with our clients to develop relationships where trust is built through concierge-level service and the thoughtfulness of personal care.

An Expert Point of View

As an e-retailer specialised in event wear, we not only offer a unique selection of products, but also a unique customer experience. 

With most of e-commerce focused on offering its customers convenience, we recognise that our clients are looking for a blending of digital ease and the human connection of physical retail. Our team of editors work directly with our clients to deliver a service where the goal is finding the perfect look for our client’s unique needs.

Our editors travel to showrooms around the globe to build relationships with our core designer brands. Those loyal relationships provide our clients with the insider access to exclusive pieces and the connections to make a look come together.

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A curated assortment of premium, designer, event wear.

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