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Greta Constantine: CAFA Award Winners & Wardrobe Apparel Favourite

Greta Constantine: CAFA Award Winners & Wardrobe Apparel Favourite

Greta Constantine has been a long-time favourite designer of Wardrobe Apparel. We love wearing the brand almost as much as we love curating and selling it. The designers have Canadian roots, hailing from Toronto where they’re known as ‘The Jersey Boys’ due to their use of jersey. Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong founded Greta Constantine in 2006 and have been collaborating and adapting for the last decade to match the ever-changing fashion landscape.

Niche Luxury Items

Wong and Pickersgill’s 10th-year collection in the fashion design world represents their constant yet dynamic commitment to the female form. Effeminate ruffles, zig-zagging folds, and chic silhouettes construct the overall style. Their ageless approach to women’s fashion corresponds with Wardrobe Apparel’s mission: to bring timeless, niche luxury items to women everywhere.


Combining Elegance & Seduction

Greta Constantine combines the demure with the provocative; using sexuality and femininity exclusive to the female form seamlessly within their styles. While most designers align themselves solidly with one aesthetic, Greta Constantine is able to combine elegance and seduction through their pieces.


Since they aren’t available directly from the designers, Greta Constantine pieces are only available through curators like us. We’re proud to say that Wardrobe Apparel has one of the biggest Greta Constantine collections available online and in-house. We ship worldwide, too.

Unique Collections & Versatility

We love that their gowns can be worn flawlessly from a gallery opening to a charity ball. Their versatility represents everything Wardrobe Apparel appreciates about unique collections; we admire the diversity of a timeless piece of fashion. Greta Constantine fits perfectly into our mission of giving women the ability to assert themselves and their own unique styles and personalities through their clothing.

Meghan Markle’s Love for Greta Constantine

We’re not the only ones who are obsessed with Greta Constantine. Activist, actress, and future British Royal Meghan Markle is a long-time fan of the brand. Markle’s a big supporter of Canadian fashion and has often been photographed in Greta Constantine pieces. Alex Thompson, Wardrobe Apparel’s CEO, admires Markles Canadian loyalties.

As far as fashion icons go, Meghan Markle’s used her personal fame to try and better the world. She also stays true to her Canadian loyalties, style-wise.”

Greta Constantine Wins at the CAFA Awards  

The brand is being recognized as an international competitor in the fashion sphere. They recently won the Suzanne Rogers Designer Grant for International Development at the 2018 Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards. The award is “to be presented to an outstanding Canadian fashion designer or brand that has demonstrated significant impact, growth, and maturity and is poised to expand their business internationally.” It consists of a $20,000 grant towards international development.


We love Greta Constantine’s entire brand, from their feminine style to their Canadian roots. We’re grateful to have them line the walls of Wardrobe Apparel. The designers are well-deserving of winning the Suzanne Rogers Designer Grant for International Development at the CAFA Awards. We can’t wait to see what Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong have in store for the future of Greta Constantine. 

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