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Shades Of Glory – Sunglasses You Need To Own

Shades Of Glory – Sunglasses You Need To Own

Finlay and Co. are masterminds when it comes to protecting your eyes in the most fashionable way.  With years of styling expertise, they know which frames and shapes suit your face while adding the most style to your wardrobe. Here are the top three pairs of sunglasses your wardrobe is crying out for.


With stunning blue lenses and an Opaline Blue frame, these circular glasses bring a vintage flair to your modern outfits. Accentuated with gold detailing, these sunglasses are perfect for dreamy days at the beach or shopping in the city. The circle-shape of the lenses suits oval and squared-shaped faces.


For a more classic take, these gorgeous tortoiseshell sunglasses are the ideal complement to your style. The neutral brown, balanced by the champagne-colored lenses, offers a set of sunglasses that fit in with every outfit. Perfect for daily wear, these glasses offer your eyes protection from harsh UVA and UVB rays while keeping you at the height of fashion.


For something a little bit different but still sure to complement your outfits, these bold sunglasses fit the bill. Dark, intense and with stunning wooden frames, these glasses offer innovation mixed with classic style. With dark gray lenses and ebony frame, these carefully crafted Italian sunglasses bring full eye protection with head-turning intensity, sure to make your wardrobe pop.

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