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How to Dress Travel Chic

Travel is fun, and dressing is fun; but dressing for travel? It's taken a few dozen plane rides of trial and error to perfect a careful formula of mixing comfy with cute, so take it from the professionals and follow our travel chic checklist:


1. Pack Light

Believe it or not, you don't need everything. Our top tips are to pre plan your outfits and pick pieces that are super versatile.

If you bring 4 tops that match with 4 bottom, you've got 16 outfits!


2. Trousers

Where the comfort of sweats meets the chic silhouette of sophistication. Airport fashion can be tricky, but trousers are the perfect middle ground. We recommend these, these and these!


3. Easy Footwear

Getting through security as quickly as possible is the name of the game. Shoes you can jump in and out of make a world of difference (especially when you're running late!) and if you want to look cute while doing it, we recommend these loafers or these boots.


4. Pack it Away

Mini bags have no place on an airplane, there's so much you need! Cozy socks, magazine, snacks, sleeping mask, water bottle.. the list goes on. Our favorite travel bag is this one; it's got different pockets so you stay organized and a built-in charger for your phone!


5. Layer Up

Versatile layers are always the way to go. From the street to the airport to the airplane, the temperature is always fluctuating so you'll want to be prepared.

Whenever we travel, we like to dress in easy layers, scarves and jackets always transition well from departure to arrival and back again.


Think you're ready to travel like a true jetsetter? Give this checklist a try next time you book your travels and put your stylish foot forward!

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