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Behind the Scenes with Wardrobe Apparel’s cultivated CEO Alexandra Thompson

Behind the Scenes with Wardrobe Apparel’s cultivated CEO Alexandra Thompson

Alexandra Thompson CEO Wardrobe Apparel

2018 is a year for growth and Wardrobe Apparel’s embracing it with open arms - covered in felt wool by Charlie May, of course. 

During 2017, Wardrobe Apparel contributed to the Vancouver fashion scene with their highly coveted items. The company’s elevated approach to curated fashion lead them to employ new personal stylists, like Sanam Tehrani and Reghan Blake. The year was full of fruition for founder Alexandra Thompson, and she’s not expected to slow down anytime soon.

Going into 2018, who makes up your core staff?

Alex: “Sanam Tehrani, Reghan Blake, and Alex Grace. Sanam and Regan are both stylists with impressive resumes and clientele. Reghan has clients reaching from New York to Dubai who she creates specialised product options for. Sanam is an appointment-only stylist who can also style remotely. Alex Grace is the merchandise shop specialist, taking care of the boutique’s technical side. Grace has expert organizational talents, ensuring that events run smoothly.

As the founder of Wardrobe Apparel, Alex has curated her staff as carefully as she did the products she sells. The young entrepreneur has had an entire lifetime of specializing her own wardrobe, and one can see how the inspiration from that has translated into her store’s collection. By only buying the items she carries in limited sizing, she has perfected niche luxury. No one in Vancouver will be wearing the same unique piece as you.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

Alex: My annual trip for fashion week in London and Paris. I use the trips to get inspired for the year ahead, support Apparel’s current designers, and look for new talent. Early this year, we’ll be introducing two new designers to Wardrobe Apparel. One is an up-and-coming ambitious creator and the other a well-established name in fashion.

You’re able to book your private appointment for a personalized styling experience online with Wardrobe Apparel by emailing You can expect a personalized experience, equipped with shopping-friendly beverages that pair well with classically chic couture.

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