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How to Dress: Dîner en Blanc

The Rule: You must only wear white.
The Exceptions: Silver/gold accessories with clear/white detailing; and nude shoes.
It's not a dinner in blue, beige or, cream. It's a dinner in white that looks absolutely magical when everyone takes care to follow the strict dress code.
Now wearing white isn't a big deal, but it's how you're going to wear it that will set the mood for the night. Costumes are permitted, pantsuits, ballgowns and blouses are all allowed. As long as it's formal, you've got nothing to worry about.
If you've received your invitations, you knows that phase 1 of the registration starts tomorrow so it's high time you start planning your look because your DeB look is not the kind of outfit you want to leave until the last minute.
Here are a few suggestions for the big night..
Chelsey is wearing..
Finlay & Co sunglasses (shop here)
WXYZ bracelet (shop here)
Hailey is wearing..
Finlay & Co sunglasses (shop here)
Deitas top (shop here)
Deitas skirt (shop here)
Chelsea Paris heels (shop here)
Jessica is wearing..
WXYZ necklace (shop here)
Deitas blouse (available in-store)
Deitas skirt (shop here)
Alex is wearing..
Greta Constantine dress  (shop here)
Chelsy is Chelsey is wearing..
Fyodor Golan dress (available in-store)
Imogen Belfield ring (available in-store)
Hailey is wearing..
Greta Constantine dress (shop here)
Chelsey is wearing..
J JS Lee Top (shop here)
Zoe Jordan Pants ( available in-store)
Havva shoes (shop here)
Alexandra is wearing.
Greta Constantine dress (shop here)
Hailey is wearing..
Zoe Jordan top (shop here)
Imogen Belfield necklace ( available in-store)
Zoe Jordan skort (shop here)
WXYZ bracelet (shop here)
Chelsea Paris heels (shop here)
Jessica is wearing.
J JS Lee top ( available in-store)
WXYZ necklace (shop here)
WXYZ bracelet (shop here)
Make a private appointment for a styling session here or stop by the location here
Happy Dîner en Blanc!
Photos by Thomas Bullock
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  • Fran

    I’m not sure but anything other than whites stands out like a sore thumb…..even cream looks out of place …..if you’ve never been before ….and it’s on grass not to mention the walking to and fro you will wish you didn’t wear heels ….I wear flats and take a pair of heels if it’s not on grass …..hope this helps

  • Sherrell Alston

    I love it it sounds like fun

  • Nakisha

    Can you wear white shoes that have a brown heel/sole on it or do the entire shoe has to be white?

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