Meet the Team

There is a feeling we get when we find an item of clothing or accessory created with the talent and passion of another individual that we find is very powerful. The rewarding knowledge of directly engaging with designers and connecting them with our clients is why we love to do what we do.

After a magnetic conversation on a London Rooftop, Brian and Alexandra saw the creative vision of Wardrobe Apparel come to life. Thus, like all good things, Wardrobe Apparel was born from the crossroads between fashion and a little bit of serendipity.

Marry that with a je ne sais quoi approach and sense of everyday luxury, Wardrobe Apparel brings a dynamic and cosmopolitan vision to the fashion and e-commerce market.

  • Alexandra Thompson


    Alexandra is an admirer of the sartorial, the individual and is the force behind Wardrobe Apparel. Her enthusiasm for business is equally matched with her love of art, design and travel. It was after a life-changing trip to Nepal that Alexandra saw the connections between her admiration for well-made artistry and the need for women to create their own personalized wardrobe.

  • Brian MacInnes


    Brian, a native of Toronto, Ontario, has always recognized the beauty in modern aesthetic, art and design. Taking his talents abroad, Brian currently resides in London, UK.

  • Jessica Luxe


    Jessica, a self-proclaimed social media fanatic, is the purple-haired (for now) patron of social media. An accomplished style blogger of a site with her namesake, Jessica brings her edgy and unique take on fashion to Wardrobe Apparel.

  • Kirsten Donald


    A fully trained and licensed hair stylist, Kirsten is a key member of the beauty styling team for Wardrobe Apparel. Kirsten can also be found as a top stylist at Heritage Hair Salon in trendy Kitsilano. Originally from Ontario, July will mark three years for Kirsten in Vancouver.

  • Ghazal Elhaei


    With over 11 years of retail experience; celebrity and fashion stylist, Ghazal brings a unique perspective to the Wardrobe Apparel team as the Brand + Media Relations Manager. She currently resides in Vancouver, while travelling to LA, Toronto and London on a regular basis.



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