Gemy Maalouf

Gemy’s story started in the eyes of an inquisitive young woman, whose dedication and passion would be nurtured to blossom into exceptional talent. At early age, regularly visiting her father's fabric factory, fascinating, within which she found not only great inspiration but also the opportunity to create great beauty. It was only natural that she should have inherited his fondness for textiles and realizing her vocation was FASHION, she vowed to pave her own way in that world sprinkling it with her unique mark of freshness and magic.

Striking colours, delicate fabric, and feminine form underline the essence of the Gemy Maalouf. Expressing a fresh approach to fashion, the bejeweled designs and rich beadings emanate female regency and sophistication in a modern, refined manner.  An eclectic range exhibiting a variety of bold, bright colours and materials, the asymmetrical cuts create an edgy vibe whilst retaining the charm and distinct elegance consistent with the collection.   Discover a selection of stand-out stylish pieces and iconic designs that deliver panache and flair for every type of woman.



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